About Norma Swimwear

Built on the foundations of exclusive luxury swimwear brand, Norma was launched by entrepreneur Merve Kardes, in 2014 in Istanbul.
Thanks to her extensive travels around the world, she realised the new era of the swimsuit market: the vision and her passion about couture designs led her to create something avant-garde yet wearable. She desired to build Norma as a life-style brand for the woman who has a stylish taste and a playful soul.
Cemre Kardes Inan, who studied interior design, joined the team and added the brand its characteristic architectural perspective. Cemre's avant-garde vision in design and Merve's reformist personality lead the brand towards becoming a global icon. Cemre concentrates on the importance of building each piece.
While Merve is described as a vivid character and a person of style, Cemre is known with her great visual taste and fashionability. The duo now works towards their mutual goals together. 
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