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Normaillot, founded by Merve Kardes Misirli in 2014, is a dynamic and rapidly growing luxury swimwear brand with a clear and inspiring mission. The brand's primary goal is to empower and liberate women by providing them with timeless pieces that not only endure through seasons but also make women feel their best and most confident when at the beach.

At the heart of Normaillot's identity is a deep-seated entrepreneurial spirit that embraces artistic, rebellious, and innovative principles. This ethos has resonated with a global community of independent-minded individuals, including a lineup of celebrities and influencers who appreciate and support the brand's vision.

Normaillot is known for its bold experimentation with energetic colors, daring prints, and unique styles, all meticulously designed and crafted using the highest-quality fabrics. The brand's commitment to continuous innovation is evident in its collaborations with retailers to produce limited-edition, highly sought-after releases that quickly become instant best-sellers.

The brand's design atelier is a place where the language of color and artistry is mastered to create distinctive and vibrant ensembles. Each Normaillot piece is a work of art, and the brand's dedication to lasting quality ensures that these garments are not just passing trends but enduring companions in a woman's fashion journey.

Normaillot's core aspiration is to provide women with fashion that transcends seasons and empowers them to express their essence with confidence. The brand believes that what you wear should align with your true self, enhancing your confidence and making you feel your absolute best. Normaillot's commitment to empowering women through fashion is evident in each garment it produces, one piece at a time.